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Senior Associate, CRM Solution Development, Avanade
Apr 01, 2022
Started playing Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin, and it's probably the first game I've tried that could be considered a Souls-like, or at least a Souls-hybrid

So far it's been mechanically interesting, especially the idea of being able to try out many classes, and even switch between two classes in combat
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Senior Associate, CRM Solution Development, Avanade
Oct 24, 2021
Had my eye on The Caligula Effect 2 for a while now, after having experienced The Caligula Effect: Overdose, and I finally started getting into the sequel

Similar setting where protagonist + crew realize they're trapped in a virtual world and fight to break free, but there are subtle differences (e.g. first game centering around trauma, second game centering around regret)
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Senior Product Designer, AcadArena
Started 8 months ago
Went back to streaming on Twitch!

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For now I'm just streaming my gameplay, but I would occasionally stream me doing live coding or even maybe doing art streams!
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Data Engineer, Gojek
Sep 04, 2021
Started playing Undermine from a friend's recommendation. Turns out this game is really fun. Once you have enough stuff collected, a single run can take quite some time.
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Senior Associate, CRM Solution Development, Avanade
Aug 13, 2021
Started playing NEO: The World Ends With You, a sequel game coming in nearly a decade and a half after the first game. I remember spending hours on the original on the Nintendo DS, and it's pretty wild to see the super niche IP see a follow-up.

First impressions are quite positive: seems to have captured the spirit of the first game, which is impressive considering the move from 2D to 3D + the updated combat mechanics. Game oozes style in its aesthetic. Also has nice callbacks to fans of the first TWEWY game.
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Senior Software Engineer, Change
Jun 24, 2021
Finally started playing The Last of Us Remastered! 🎮 Some heavy themes right from the start but really enjoying it so far.
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