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Engineering Manager , Vox Media
Mar 02, 2022
I inadvertently held a typing contest with chat and then proceeded to talk about the history of several programming languages. 

A typical Wednesday night tech twitch stream.
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Pirate Scholar 🏴‍☠️🎓, Lean Back Inc.
Started about 2 months ago

Colemak Keyboard Layout

I probably won't be first in line for a Neuralink 😞, so better to learn how to touch type comfortably and efficiently. Building upon a mechanical keyboard, the layout is next. Comparing keyboard layouts, Colemak seems to have a clear edge over Qwerty in this regard but without the rather large shift of Dvorak. Colemak seems to be available everywhere I need it without having to install it except Windows.

The average typist's speed is typically (🤭) between 30-40 wpm. I think this is a good goal to start with at 97% accuracy, working up to a consistent 50-60 wpm over the next few months. This is probably going to really hurt productivity for a while but apparently slow is smooth, smooth is fast.

There are plenty of sites and applications to learn and demo progress but gtypist and have caught my eye. Gtypist feels like it will compliment my CLI learning 🤷.
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Product Designer, Spotnana
Feb 22, 2022
Started learning qwerty typing in the past few days!! 

One thing I realized is that having a learning activity fills the gaps of you feeling unproductive and boosts your confidence.

With my new Keychrone K3.
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UX Design, AGROS
Dec 03, 2021

Started practicing my typing.

Comencé a practicar en typinclub para mejorar mi mecanografía y cuidar mis muñecas.🙌
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