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Software Engineer, Procurated
Jan 21, 2022
I created a new version of my personal site! The new version uses web safe fonts and no external assets, just HTML pages with a small set of inline styles. It’s based on the Bear blog theme. Hugo is very fast and very fun to work with. The blog is hosted on CloudFlare Pages, which helps it load super fast!
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Open Source Consultant, Netways
Dec 27, 2021
I relaunched my personal blog today, moving it from Django to Hugo. After all, using Django as a framework for my (mostly) static page was kind of overkill and more POC than anything else.

So far, Hugo has been an interesting ride over the holidays and I'm looking forward to dive deeper into its possibilities.

Most importantly though, my site got a blogging functionality now, which goes along with my new year's resolution of finally starting (and maintaining 🙄) an actual blog.

Come by some time!
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Content Marketer, Urbanwiz Communication
Aug 09, 2021
Learning to create a blog on Hugo, moving from Ghost CMS to Hugo. Not a coder, but learning only what is needed for my work. 

Anyone else has an experience with Hugo? 
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Content Marketer, Urbanwiz Communication
Software Manager, Crowcon Detection Instruments Limited
Dec 25, 2020
I moved my blog from Wordpress to Hugo theme and deployed it to Netlify. It is much cheaper and I feel more in control now. 

I still plan to rewrite my blog as my own web app using Blazor or React JS.
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