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Software Engineer, Tribunal de Justiça do Estado de Sergipe
Jul 01, 2009
Degree on Bachelor of Computer Science at UNIT 🎓

So much hard work! I learned a lot 🤓
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UX Writer, Pressed Copy
Started 4 months ago

Learning new ideas through mapping coordinates 📍

As a lover of words and the craft of writing, I love to spend my time learning different ideas.

But before I do that, I need a map, and coordinates before I begin and endeavor my journey.

There are several thousand of interesting stuffs in the world. I don’t need all of them. I only need the most interesting and resonating idea.

Ignoring these signals will give me a jolt of electricity and restless thinking.

So I’ll buckle up, get my map, and pinpoint the coordinates that I want to explore.

It’s refreshing to see my map having many pinpoints.

It’s also daunting and paralyzing, because where do I go first?

Well, three questions:

  1. What’s interesting to me right now?
  2. In my map, where are the group of coordinates?
  3. Are there foundational stuff that I can learn from there

Answering these questions will give me clarity on what’s my next step.

I love foundational stuff, especially for technology.

Here’s my map:

My coordinates are web applications, software development, and understanding of how technology works.

With these three in my coordinates, I can pinpoint my starting point, and that’s learning how to code.

Yes, writers aren’t limited to one form of craftsmanship.

Besides, learning how to code is a self-expression for innovation and problem solving.

I enrolled to Codecademy last December to begin my software development journey.
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UX Writer, Pressed Copy
Software Engineer,
Dec 03, 2021
Took Graduate Algorithms through Georgia Tech's OMSCS Program
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Senior UI UX Designer, Anspire Agency
Sep 01, 2013
Studied Computer Science , Information System Department
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Bachelor's Graduation 

Studied in Computer Science And Engineering at AMERICAN INTERNATIONAL UNIVERSITY-BANGLADESH (AIUB) @Dhaka, Bangladesh
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Lead Services Manager, Digital Security and Service Design, NTI
Apr 01, 2021
Back to school for my BSc in Computer Science. No one told me computational and discrete mathematics would be so much fun! 📚
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