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Started 6 months ago
Joined Scrimba's Learn JavaScript for Free course.
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Trainee Jr, Dirección Provincial de Energia de Ctes
Nov 14, 2021
I started the JS certification of, now I am in the part of Regex. I can say that the material of FCC is very interesting and useful, let see how much time it will cost to finish it.
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Frontend Developer, Freelance and contract-to-hire
Nov 08, 2021
This past week I started playing with p5js and learned how to manipulate and sketch 2D primitives
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Fullstack Developer, self-employed/freelance
Aug 02, 2021
I am going to start studying JS intensively. React or Angular? Which one should I master?
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Commercial IT, Takeda Pharmaceuticals
Feb 01, 2020
I started studying React, after months of studying with Javascript. What better way to learn a new language/framework than doing projects with it?
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