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Founder, AnonSagar
May 05, 2022
Hello everyone!
As I mentioned before that I was making an SEO tool, so the tool is live now.
The link for the tool is given below.
P.S: There are yet more important features to add to it. I will be adding this by the end of this week.

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Founder, AnonSagar
Apr 21, 2022
I have made an online tool to detect the difference between the two versions of the text. Is it good?
Site Link:
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Founder, AnonSagar
Apr 17, 2022
AnonSagar is an educational blog for people who are enthusiasts of technology. Through this blog, my attempt is to teach basics and those coding techniques to people in a short time which took me ages to learn.
Please have a visit this blog and provide some feedback to me.

Some of my best articles are:

Termux and its basic commands

Phoneinfoga tool


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Started about 2 months ago

Battle Snake on a Sunny Saturday 🐍

Watch the VOD on Twitch

Today we:
  • Had a sort of Coffee Chat right on stream with our excellent guest, Stacy. She came with many excellent questions which sparked a great discussion.
  • Added middleware to our SillyBoi snake API, to log the full request and response bodies.
  • Used the added logging to debug our problem from last stream.
  • Successfully passed the "Avoid Other Snakes" challenge!
  • Implemented greedy food seek in our NaiveSolver.
  • Successfully passed the "Find Food" challenge!
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