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Front-end Developer and UI/UX Designer, C Steinweg Online
May 03, 2022

Meeting with SoulDoodle team mate

During the meeting:
- Conducted design review of the landing page
- Reviewed and discussed 11 issues

- Obtain access to Wix and the style guide
- Split up the design fixes among ourselves
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Front-end Developer and UI/UX Designer, C Steinweg Online
May 02, 2022

Meetup with SoulDoodle teammates

- Discuss about the next steps to be done for the get featured page, establish the goal of the page
- Discuss the list of questions that we will ask the users (featured, non-featured users)
- Interviewed stakeholders to understand the business aspect, constraint
- Homework: Fix some aspects in Wix, gather users and talk to them
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Front-end Developer and UI/UX Designer, C Steinweg Online
Apr 23, 2022

Meetup with SoulDoodle team to discuss a user need of a new feature

We are considering making a featured page, hence we are in the process of identify user's goals and motivations. My team member and I had a discussion on kinds of questions to ask our users and stakeholder. 
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Analyst Developper, Crédit Mutuel
Mar 30, 2022

🫤 Day 1 : 

It's been a rough day, without any line of code... Rushing integration task because of deadlines. Documentation it's not my preferred prospect of software engineering, but it's one of the most important of our job, so I have to deal with it ! Better days will come with a lot of lines of codes hopefully 🙌🏻. 
I've been preparing also a presentation that, me and my partners have to present for a big project  
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Chief Executive Officer, Textbase
Mar 15, 2022
Had a team meeting with my awesome crew at Textbase about LeverTRM and using Yoti with Textbase.
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Software Developer, Metazu Studio
Feb 11, 2022
Had a first Zoom meeting with the other member of the team to discuss our ideas for the website redesign project. 
Talked about our strengths and weaknesses, outlined a general plan and timeline.
Another meeting later on with the leaders of the studio to clarify details and get more information on the client's requirements.
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Software Developer, Metazu Studio