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Project Manager, Teachable
Started 25 days ago
We’re getting close to launching the MVP 🚀 
After months of figuring out how to make this thing happen, I came up with a model that made sense for V1. 

And the best part 👀 

It is being built completely with no-code tools. 
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Co-founder and PM, Glasp
Feb 19, 2021
Had a first video call on Lunchclub.
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Tested a new product idea with just a tweet that got viral. 

Later sold a few pre-orders worth $200 without building an actual solution.

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Mar 31, 2022
Like the "Tidy up" function in Heptabase v0.116.0 !
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Website & Bot Developer, UpBeatRadio
Mar 23, 2022
Worked with Hannah to test the new Opportunities feature which has been added to Polywork!

I personally believe this is a wonderful feature because it will allow people to find new jobs and new work here with everything being in one place, making it not only easier to apply, but also to hire as your Polywork profile can represent who you actually are.

Can't wait to test more stuff in the future, and feel free to check out my new opportunity by either clicking here or viewing my profile!
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