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Sales Representativ / Consultant, GIS Consult GmbH
Mar 25, 2022
Maybe this is a good place to share some photo experience with others. That 's one of my favorite spare time activities. ;-)

I'm always interested in hints what I could have done better.

The photo has been taken back in August 2014 with a Panasonic G6. Must have been some zoom lens. exif data is telling something about 93 mm by aperture 8.

This photo is one of a series. My avatar belongs also to this series.

I'm not a native speaker, so maybe some wordings sound very german.
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Backend Developer, iPhone Photography School
Mar 03, 2022
Posted a photograph to my new instagram account taken by the iphone

I am working on my iPhone photography skills and just sharing the journey on instagram
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CEO, Nustar Elite
Dec 18, 2021
Shot photography and videography for the DCSAA playoffs under Maxpreps.
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The photograph was created the morning after a new year's party. Our host decorated the room with roses, so I took one, put it in a empty beer bottle and took some shots with the iPhone at first but decided to switch to the camera because I really liked the composition and wanted to catch the depth of it.
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Design Lead, Recidiviz
Apr 09, 2019
Woke up like this
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