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Community Director, C # Corner
Dec 19, 2021

Vacation 2021

I went to the  Himalayas in Nepal to attempt the World's Second-Highest Bungy at 228 meters  🔥
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Took 2 months off, quitted my job and finally got some spare time.

These last couple of years were wonderful, but I need to relax, after not getting leisure time in ~5 years.

I'll probably start looking around in a couple of weeks, though, my brain is itching for new challenges!
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Sr. Software Engineer, XING
Dec 14, 2021
A well-needed one I'd say. Off for almost a month after a very long year of almost no vacation! 
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Software Engineer I, dutchie
Jul 21, 2021
For the first time in nearly two years, I finally got to visit my mom in Florida. We chatted in the pool, did some crafts, and spent hours in the ocean... perfect mama-daughter time!
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SRE, Apple Inc
Jul 22, 2021
Real people doing real work. I’ve been off all week day drinking in New Orleans.
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QA Engineer, Popmenu
Jul 03, 2021
San Diego trip with friends for 4th of July weekend. Took a lot of photos on my camera, but have not exported them yet. Here are some photos I shot on my phone.
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