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Android developer, Hermes
May 23, 2022
Update "Multiplying the quality of unit tests"

  • Fix JUnit5 tests not running
  • Add "Create Account" screen in Jetpack Compose
  • Replace assertion library Truth with Strikt
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Started 17 days ago
Repositório de tutoriais e referências de desenvolvimento front-end

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Android developer, Hermes
May 05, 2022
Released  AndroidUiTestingUtils 1.1.0-beta with new features:

  • Change Display Size configuration via TestRule & ActivityScenario
  • Allow to set DisplaySizeTestRule and FontSizeTestRule timeouts. Both TestRules change the config via adb. Therefore, this can be helpful on emulator/devices that take too long for the corresponding adb commands to take effect.
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Software Engineer, Calaxy
Started 20 days ago
Sharpening my skills by building a UI library for React using Storybook.js and Tailwind.css.

It's currently private, but should be public in the coming weeks.
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