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Senior Software Engineer / Product Designer, ProspectNow
May 15, 2022
Update to Gamer's Hive TV. Now see when streamers go live! It was a pretty big update and learned some new things along the way.  Been learning to work with Twitch's API as well as new JS Tech like Strapi, and React with some TailwindCSS
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Product Management, Zoho Corporation
May 13, 2022
One enjoyable thing in building early-stage products is how you both think about new features, while trying to update and shape up another feature that's in the making—basically two wholesome problems to solve, with different depths. A great learning to hone one's mindset as well! 
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Director of Technology, Make a Difference
Apr 18, 2022
Published a new version of my Digital Garden tool - Gatsby Garden
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Started about 1 month ago
Hello Mates,

We are looking for volunteers who can talk on the blockchain, Defi, Metaverse, AR/VR, or Disruptive technology.

I'd love to hear your views and thoughts on the above-mentioned topics. 

Let me know your interest, 
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Product Management, Zoho Corporation
Apr 09, 2022
Worked on a few different flows for a feature—one of the satisfying things about early-stage product management is not being right the first time; rather, it's how many different possibilities we're able to figure out and what brings out the better form of a user experience. The iterations definitely pay off both in mindset building and shipping incredible products. :) 
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Communications and Marketing Manager, iAgribiz Africa
Mar 30, 2022
Created an update dashboard for SoliD internal stakeholders on the progress of 2 projects; the creation of an app to serve new and existing customers and acquiring government approvals. 
This was a virtual experience project provided by Accenture North America and Forage .
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