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Senior Sustainable Web Developer, Leap
May 12, 2022

A new low-carbon website for Goodfest Cornwall

LEAP has just rebuilt and updated the website for Goodfest Cornwall, a festival of creative conversations exploring how to inspire change through purposeful ideas and actions.
Taking place on the North coast of Cornwall in September, Goodfest will be back to an in-person event, after taking it online for the last two years.
Designed by the team at Pixelfish and built in-house at Leap, this new low-carbon website produces only 0.19g of C02 per page view.
Check out the website https://goodfestcornwall.com/ to find out more information. Hopefully, we will see you there!
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Senior Sustainable Web Developer, Leap
UX/UI Designer , Urbio
Apr 14, 2022

beanywhere Updates

Working together with Falko on some new formates, texts and structures for beanywhere

Thanks for your initiatives! 😊
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Senior Sustainable Web Developer, Leap
Apr 09, 2022

Functionality updates on lowwwcarbon.com

Added more in-depth filters to the showcase including:

  • Colour-based filtering allows users to filter content based on the colour they choose
  • Keyword search allows a wider ability to filter the content by a given word or phrase
This new functionality adds to the current website category filter and gives users a lot more choice to find inspiration from the archive of websites.

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Content Creator • UX Dev-signer • Entrepreneur, Self-employed
Aug 23, 2019
The Summit on Race in America • lbjsummitonrace.org • LBJ Foundation • Jul 2019 - Aug 2019

The LBJ Foundation hosted a Summit on Race in America and needed a website update to include the panel recaps and prominently feature the video replays. The Summit on Race in America occurred April 8-10, 2019 at the LBJ Presidential Library in Austin, Texas with:
  • 46 participants
  • 18 panel recordings
  • 21 sponsors

New Focus: We extended the existing design to shift the focal point to the new videos rather than the speaker lineup. The home page also features a final statement from the foundation’s president.

Video Panels: Each panel page features a YouTube video, a brief description of what was discussed, the speakers cross-linked to their respective about pages, and a photo gallery preview.

Content Edits: Additional modifications were made to the schedule to link to the panel recaps as well as some tidying up to remove no longer useful information such as parking and pre-ordering books.
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UX Developer, Deytah
Owner, self-employed/freelance
Feb 08, 2022

 New Website Updates!

One of the clear benefits of building for a community, and building with value first, is it allows for you to build with clear goals and intentions in mind. 

I knew that for my website to better reflect my skills and experiences, it was important to highlight them from the very beginning. 

  • The first media is a video I've creatively directed.
  • The next section was created to present different ways for someone on the website can engage with my work directly based on interest and capacity. 
  • The photography examples have also been shifted to the last section to reintroduce the work once more. 
Head over to My Website to check out the changes yourself!
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Senior Sustainable Web Developer, Leap
Feb 05, 2022

Improved the UX design of lowwwcarbon.com

In this round of updates, I have improved the UX by:

  • Adding a sticky navigation
  • Reducing the height of navigation on mobile
  • Making it easier to find the review criteria information
  • Adding additional social share links
  • Adding a proper 404 page

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