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Add new link to website footer

Add new link to the footer of an existing nonprofit website built with Rails.
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JavaScript Developer , Viget Labs
Connector, podcaster, publisher, Do the Woo
Apr 05, 2022
At some point I decided to give version numbers to my site. I think that might have grown out of the fact that I do a changelog for Do the Woo.  This is just how my brain works.

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Technical Coordinator, Siteocity
Feb 21, 2022
I successfully updated both my personal blog and my homegrown Pastebin site to use Laravel 9. And without any hiccups!
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Designer & Founder, Refuse
Feb 14, 2022


is a significant part of the new updates on the Refuse website. The palette was generated algorithmically using Oklab by Björn Ottosson.

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Designer & Founder, Refuse
Designer & Founder, Refuse
Feb 13, 2022

Refuse.ink just had a massive update.

I've given it a full redesign, with better typography, better color, and an easter egg.

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Designer & Founder, Refuse
Designer and developer, Angel Investment Network
Jan 24, 2022
Video content on roofsimple.com is now lazy-loaded using facades, rather than rending iFrames directly, on page load.

If you’re new to all this, facades are just a fancy name for a static image that looks similar to the actual embedded video. Video is expensive in terms of performance, so it makes far more sense to render a static image on page load, then swap out the image for the iFrame, when a visitor clicks the play button. A simple but effective way to improve speed and user experience.

If you use a lot of video on your websites, the performance gains from such a simple enhancement make it well worth looking into. For more on the various techniques I recommend checking out Lazy load third-party resources with facades from web.dev. 
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