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Senior Product Designer, UPPER
Started about 2 months ago
Started working on a update for our Figma plugin, Font Explorer.
Stay tuned 🤩
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Design Lead, Google Developer Student Clubs, MBCET
Mar 14, 2022

Shipped Generator v2.0

v2.0 features the much-awaited Inline Variable feature.

Some things just need so much more specificity. Don't stick to replacing entire layers, modify exactly what you need to with Generator's Inline Variables.

Include inline variables into your text nodes in the format '#{VARIABLENAME}'

Generator will automatically find out which variable(s) it corresponds to, and replace it accordingly 

We hope you're as excited to use this feature as we are to release it!

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Founder, Werb
Design Lead, Google Developer Student Clubs, MBCET
Mar 13, 2022

Shipped Generator v1.2

v1.2 features a number of small improvements such as improved speed, a change in the layer naming convention, and most importantly, Multi-Layer Replacement.

  1. Multi-Layer Replacement: We've removed the previously present 1:1 mapping between layer variables and actual layers. You can now use a single layer variable to propagate the same content to multiple layers of the same design instance (copies).
  2. Updates to the Layer Naming Convention: You should now prefix the layer names of the layers you wish to modify, with a '#'. ie. If your Layer Variable (CSV Header) is named  'SampleLayerName', then your layer must be renamed to '#SampleLayerName' to be identified by Generator.

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Founder, Werb
 ✨ Updated Confetti Genie plugin for Figma. 

 🪄 Now users can select shapes to generate Confetti elements as they like

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✨ Updated Indian User Data Tools Figma plugin

👷‍♂️ Now we can select domains to generate specific user professions

🪄 Update to plugin UI

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✨ Updated Confetti Genie Figma plugin. 

🎨 Users can now add multiple colors of their choice for generating confetti elements or use the randomized color generator to use with one click.

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