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Software Engineer, HiPeople
May 18, 2022
I built a new portfolio! A nice upgrade from my first single page HTML/CSS portfolio, built with Gatsby, styled with Tailwind and uses Ghost as a headless CMS so now I have one central website with my blog too! πŸ’œ
You can check it out here: https://nicoleis.xyz/
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Front-end Developer, Self-employed
Apr 24, 2022
Update and improve the looks of my website. I'm gonna add more section in the future, feel free to take a look here.Β 

Any feedback or tips isΒ  greatly appreciated.
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Senior Product Engineer, Bonobo
Mar 30, 2022
I updated my personal site with some of the latest things I've been up to over the last little while. Really happy to find some space to put some love into this thing. Check it out!

phbn (phobon.io)
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Vice President, St. Robert Student Council
Feb 15, 2022
Added more projects to my personal portfolio (which you can find linked here on my profile)! Looking a lot more complete now.
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Vice President, St. Robert Student Council
Jan 21, 2022
I realized yesterday I was deploying the development build of my personal website (built with React), significantly impacting its performance. I've now fixed and automated the process so that the production build is being created deployed each time. Now to look into improving its Lighthouse score, which has been affected by the change!
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