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Senior Associate, CRM Solution Development, Avanade
May 03, 2022
Went on a bit of a walkabout in Katong, checking out some of the malls + shops, and filled out some gaps in OpenStreetMap:


Satisfying to see mall buildings get filled in with POIs, even if I can't exactly guarantee their precision (GPS is fiddly), at least the tenants' presence is made known
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Senior Associate, CRM Solution Development, Avanade
Nov 20, 2021
Found that a nearby mall that recently opened hadn't yet been updated on OpenStreetMap, so I thought I'd go check it out and do a little simple mapping around the area 🗺️

By no means do I have sophisticated surveying tech like sub-metre GPS or LIDAR scanning (it's just me using Vespucci on my Android phone) to be bold enough to do super detailed edits, but at least it's still better than leaving the area as a bare space still under construction... 
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Front-End Developer, Otter Products
Jun 25, 2021
Rode and and then mapped Hurricane, Sendero, the Flow Connector, and most of Charlie Don't Surf to OSM
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Front-End Developer, Otter Products
Jun 20, 2021
Updated OpenStreetMap with trails and other features mapped on an MTB ride through Yokun Ridge and Kennedy Park
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