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IT System Architect , Evonik Corporation
Started 22 days ago
Had a great first retrospective with a team of colleagues that were new to the concept or had a different idea of a retrospective because their current structures didn't properly convey the concept. 
I took a very focused approach because I've known most of the team members for 10-15 years so I had a headstart on what I could do as an agile coach with them.
The Azure DevOps retrospectives definitely helped streamline the session and two team members immediately want to use this approach for their other teams because they were so happy with it/how I structured the retro 😊 

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IT System Architect , Evonik Corporation
Senior Associate, CRM Solution Development, Avanade
Mar 31, 2022
Final day of the internship 🍾

Broad summary of everything achieved during the past 6 months:

  • Worked on a CRM project in Dynamics CRM with a team, within a hybrid Agile-Waterfall methodology
  • Gleaned a rough idea of how complex a customized CRM system can get with the variety of features requested by a "realistic client"
  • Learned lots of technical stuff in Javascript and C# + .NET for implementing advanced functionality
  • Got exposed to coding + debugging in Visual Studio
  • Wrangled with various flows in Power Automate to assist in scheduled batch processing jobs, when usual workflows in Dynamics CRM don't cut it
  • Used Azure DevOps for task management with Kanban + version control of code through remote repositories
  • Got used to communicating with MS Teams to coordinate work efforts (especially critical in WFH arrangements)

Can't deny it's been illuminating coming from near-zero background in anything CRM, but it's certainly been challenging having to pick up a lot of stuff (especially coding) on the job💡
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Associate, CRM Solution Dev - Intern, Avanade
Senior Associate, CRM Solution Development, Avanade
Feb 18, 2022
Progress at end of 4th (mock) Sprint:
  • More wrangling of C# plugins: implementing a sort of "history log" feature that is useful for auditing
  • Wrestling with recurring cloud flows in Power Automate to allow periodic updates of records in the CRM system
  • Hammering together logic to calculate working minutes between given times
  • Fought as a team tackling the mammoth task of migrating instances + establishing separate development and staging environments

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Associate, CRM Solution Dev - Intern, Avanade
Lead Infrastructure Engineer, Unite Students
Feb 10, 2022

Post Pull Requests from Azure DevOps into Teams!

PowerAutomate has come to the rescue for the second time this week.  We were getting a little bored of creating a PR, copying the link into our chat along with "could someone pleeease.." and trying to find another funny gif.

With PowerAutomate we now have an automated message from the Bot posting into the chat when a PR is created to the main branch, including some nice dynamic content!

Nice win :) 
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Full Stack Developer, Lander Analytics
Feb 06, 2022
I'm super excited to check out Polywork as one of the first early adopters. Oh and btw IO is by far the most superior of the AI-Assistants! 🔥 😎 🤖 <<<---you sneaky little CRON.
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Software Development Consultant, Source Allies
Feb 04, 2022
The last week and a half has been heads down in Azure DevOps setting up a solid release pipeline with approval gates and introduced automated e2e testing to my team! The tests may take about 5 minutes as we're waiting for processes to finish in the cloud, but that saves my team at least 30 minutes to an hour on every single deployment! Let's see what other process improvements we can make in the coming weeks!
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