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Content Creator, cod3r
Dec 30, 2021
Meu repositório de scripts Bash
Recentemente comecei a estudar um pouco de bash scripting, e criei esse repositório para armazenar alguns projetos nesse sentido.
Nesse repositório você também encontra uma das coisas mais úteis que eu já fiz até hoje: uma pasta com códigos para rodar depois da formatação do computador e instalar todas as coisas :)
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Technical Consultant / technically Instructor, Prianto GmbH
Jul 04, 2019
Finally finished my apprentice ship as an IT apprentice with a practical finishing grade of 93/100 and overall finishing grade of 84/100.
I do suck at written tests tbh and was super nervous during my practical exam, but it went way better than expected! :)

As a final project for my apprentice ship I created and provisioned a VMware virtual machine running Ubuntu and hosting a Docker container running Grav CMS.
I had 32 hours for the whole project from start to finish, including planning and writing the technical documentation for it. (curse you Microsoft Word!) 
Having had almost no experience or business using Docker or Terraform was a terrifying, but also great learning experience.
I handed in my documentation at around 23:58 on the last day and hoooly moly did it feel good having this thing finished at last!

Got 95/100 for the project and couldn't be happier!

While stressfull, it still was a great day all in all! :)
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Technical Trainee, Prianto GmbH
Principal Cloud Consultant, CloudNation
Mar 13, 2021

AWS Toolbox 🧰

I created an open-source repository called AWS Toolbox that contains useful scripts (Bash & Python) that automate repetitive tasks in AWS.

The goal is to get a complete library of scripts that can be used by anyone that works with AWS.
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