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Created a new guide on how to integrate Chakra UI with Vite js 💜⚡️
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Senior Developer, The Tribe
Mar 15, 2022
I made a little stream while working on an internal project! there was a bit of React, Chakra-Ui and React-Hook-Form! I had some people come to see.
here is the stream
You can follow me on twitch
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Senior Developer, The Tribe
Oct 11, 2021
I discovered Chakra-UI one day and I was eager to try it out and use it.
At The Tribe I needed to build a web app and I thought about this library. It was easy to bootstrap and integrate this components library!
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Owner, alcadica
Jun 24, 2021

Creating a wonderful Next.js project

- Multitenancy
- Chakra-ui
- Apollo and graphql
- Michele Riva's architecture and help
- My hands
- Patience

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