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Staff Software Engineer, Zinc
Mar 28, 2022
My talk proposal Building your first IDP with CDKTF and TypeScript was accepted! I will be speaking at PlatformCon on 9-10th June, 2022.
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Software Engineer, CertiK
Feb 18, 2022
I developed a machine learning model that can classify food images and deployed it as a RESTful API service using FastAPI, Docker and Heroku

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Developer & Administrator, UtiliBots
Jan 25, 2022
Used Docker for the first time to create small workable containers on a small VPS.
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Data Analyst/Scientist Apprentice, Netatmo
Jan 31, 2022
Today we delivered the beta version of our project Pandapp and I'm very pleased with what we did and what I learned about containerization, virtualization and orchestration.

Pandapp is a platform that allows you to easily deploy your application from your github repository.

well now to the next one.

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Staff Software Engineer, Zinc
Sep 28, 2018
Published Building Enterprise JavaScript Applications, a book that guides you through the JavaScript ecosystem, no prior knowledge required.

Illustrations by Maria P.
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