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Senior Developer, Ministry of Justice
Apr 29, 2022
Put together a quick blog post about my fiddling with smart home things and network complexities.

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Data Scientist , Telecom Italia
Started 3 months ago
I’m designing an analytics platform as a personal project to work also on frontend and backend development. 
 * Vue.JS for frontend 
* Flask based APIs for handling frontend requests 
* Dask for computation 
* Model deployment 
* A small visualisation section based on ChartJS
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Data Analyst/Scientist Apprentice, Netatmo
Jan 31, 2022
Today we delivered the beta version of our project Pandapp and I'm very pleased with what we did and what I learned about containerization, virtualization and orchestration.

Pandapp is a platform that allows you to easily deploy your application from your github repository.

well now to the next one.

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Solution Architect, Omniconvert
Jan 26, 2022
Deployed some more services via Docker. Had a small, internal breakthrough on how things work and tie together. Learning by doing, right? 

Also, installed the awesome Netdata tool. 
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Enterprise Architect, Teledyne Technologies
Dec 23, 2021
Snikket Private XMPP Chat on Oracle Cloud Free Tier

I recently migrated my Snikket secure XMPP server from Google Cloud to colocate it with my Matrix server in Oracle's Cloud. I took the opportunity to document a bit of the process on my blog:

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Senior Solution Architect, Sitecore
Dec 21, 2021
Painful time-wasting attempts to get the simplest local SolrCloud instance to test something on Sitecore deployment. That made me create a self-made Solr image for Docker.

Check it out here:  A Quick local SolrCloud for Sitecore as container

And the GitHub repo: ivanbuzyka/SolrCloud.InDocker
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Senior Solution Architect, Sitecore