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Public Discord Bot Website Build

Built to a website to support the public launch of nhl-discord-bot to a Jamstack framework using Eleventy and Netlify.
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Web And Cloud Infrastructure Developer, Freelance Developer
Apr 24, 2022
A sneak-peak at the upcoming Homepage of

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R&D Technical Lead, Triad Labs
Apr 06, 2022
I finally completed a long-awaited revamp of my personal website! I migrated from Jekyll to 11ty and moved the deployment process to Netlify. Don't forget to try to find the Easter egg hidden on the site! (Hint: head to the home page and click the logo in the upper left.)
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Web Designer, The University of Texas at San Antonio
Jan 06, 2022
Happy to help Conor jump on the Eleventy + Netlify ship! Just gave some tips and talked things out. The site is looking great Conor!
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Redesigned and rebuilt my personal site to a Jamstack framework using Eleventy, Tailwindjs, and Netlify.

Personal Site Rebuild

Redesigned and rebuilt my personal site to a Jamstack framework using Eleventy, Tailwindjs, and Netlify.
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Team Leader - Innovation, Tech and Web, The Information Access Group
Nov 21, 2021

Converting Word documents to HTML with Eleventy

The most accessible way to share information online is to publish it as a webpage. While it's possible to make Word documents and PDFs accessible for people with disability, they do not match the flexibility, speed and shareability of a well-structured webpage. Webpages are better for all users.

In the communications sector, it's becoming more common for organisations and government departments to publish information as HTML webpages, usually as an alternative to a print PDF.

To make it easier for people to publish Word documents as webpages, I created the open-source Eleventy plugin eleventy-plugin-docx. This makes it possible to use Word documents as 'input' in your Eleventy site, and generate accessible, simple static HTML files for online publishing.

I'm keen to work on the plugin more, and create some example projects that show the potential of this workflow, as I believe Eleventy for building + Word for content is a really powerful combination.
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