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Staff Software Engineer, Zinc
Mar 28, 2022
My talk proposal Building your first IDP with CDKTF and TypeScript was accepted! I will be speaking at PlatformCon on 9-10th June, 2022.
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Jr. Software Engineer, HealthMetrics
Oct 02, 2021
The MEAN stack is fun to work with but I still prefer Vue over Angular(At least for smaller project).
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Senior Java Software Developer, Kinektek (Pty) Ltd
Jun 01, 2019
Prodigy Finance is a fintech platform that enables financing for international postgraduate students who attend a participating business school or postgraduate institution.

At Prodigy, I was on the mobile and web development team where I worked closely with UI/UX team to create compelling user interfaces and experience. My responsibilities included maintaining CI/CD pipelines (Jenkins, Microsoft AppCenter) and app store submissions (Apple and Google). I later took on the development and maintenance of back-end services (AWS Lambdas and Express apps) to facilitate the delivery of value from the front-end apps (mobile and web apps).

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Mobile Software Engineer, Prodigy Finance