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I completed my Student Industrial Work Experience Scheme a while back. Part of the requirements to completion is developing a software project that might be of use in the organisation where the scheme was done.

I interned at an Emergency agency that made use of a popular social media app to communicate. So I built a web based chat app that allows staffs to communicate.

The chat app was developed with VueJs for the frontend, firebase as the backend and also for the user authentication process.

Did I also mention that it was my first time implementing authentication process in a project. 

This is link to the repository on GitHub.
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Software Engineer - Intermediate , Tolaram Group
Started 3 months ago
Started working on a pet project I like to call Web Curator or WebCur for short.

This tool allows me to save articles or content on the web I've come across and would like to have as a reference or come back to as much as I want.

Still in Alpha.
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Frontend Developer, ShopSe
Feb 13, 2022
Started learning Firebase and TailwindCSS by working on a few challenges by Codewell. Built a prototype campground web app with firebase auth and firebase realtime database.

Yelpcamp project:

Challenges are from this website:
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I am proud to announce that I have completed my personal website, where I hope to showcase exciting side projects I will be working on.

Please check it out here . Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.
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Software Engineer - Intermediate , Tolaram Group
Jan 09, 2022
I'm glad I got the opportunity last year, to deliver the mobile application ( for Exchanger101 from scratch using Flutter.

And it's a part time job.
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Started 4 months ago
Hello world! Still exploring polywork. 
I'm currently working on a data studio dashboard which is incredibly ambitious and is kinda all over the place. I'm breaking it down and applying some much needed UX to it so people know where the data is coming from, who is in charge of it, etc... I'm focusing on providing as much context as needed around the graphs, which is something I believe most dashboards fail at. Sometimes you don't need more data to make sense of the data you have,you just need references and context. EN I'm playing with firebase funnels. Yay! 
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