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My original website was created using Ghost, the hosted version, and a premium Ghost theme that I updated and personalized to my liking. However, it still felt like it didn't provide me with enough flexibility. Also, I wanted for control of over the coding of my website and the way it works.

So, I studied several Static Site generators (Hugo, Gatsby, Jekyll) and various deployment websites (Vercel, Netlify, DigitalOcean, Gatsby Cloud) until I found the best fit. For me, it was a Gatsby website deployed on Vercel.

Now, having very little coding experience, it was quite the challenge to use Gatsby (Hugo was the easier one) but I learned so much by diving in, editing, and fixing up the website theme. I ended up changing the theme in various different ways, making it very different than the original.

I'm extremely happy with the results (for now...) and here it is:

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Front-end / WEB UI Developer, VALUE
Feb 02, 2022
Released an update to and now it's possible to export selections!

Exports available are CSS, SASS, JS and SVG. Exports can be either copied to the clipboard or downloaded on your device.
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May 01, 2019
I launched CSS Grid a Day, where I challenged myself to learn CSS grid by creating a design each day in May using CSS grid.

Built with Gatsby JS, Theme UI, and MDX.
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Jan 23, 2020


A photographer friend Josh Wells and I launched ThirdPlaces—our living guide to our favourite places in Perth to gather with friends.

I designed the branding and website, and built the site using Gatsby JS. This allowed us to offer excellent static site performance while enabling dynamic app-like functionality, thanks to client-side React hydration.

ThirdPlaces also works as a progressive web application.
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Senior Frontend Developer, Brucira
Jul 22, 2021
Created Cliphire website.
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Senior Frontend Developer, Brucira
Apr 14, 2021
Built powerplay website on Gatsby
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