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Software Developer, SnapShooter
Apr 20, 2021
Excited to join as Backend Developer! 🎉
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Backend Developer,
Senior Frontend Developer, Netguru
Feb 18, 2022


A fun side-project - a Slack bot which tells stories.
Are you familiar with telling stories near the fireplace? You don't need a fireplace now! Want to introduce newcomers to an internal meme, or describe important policy to them in a fun and interesting way? Use Storyteller, tell a story differently.

Storyteller is a Slack bot and a web interface. The dashboard allow you to create your own stories with simple drag'n'drop.

  • Prisma
  • GraphQL
  • Chakra
  • Next.js
  • XState
  • Illustrations by Storyset
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Software Developer, Ozbul IT
Feb 25, 2022
Been working on this company project and today got to experience working with GraphQL. It's still mind-boggling to me how it's just a singular endpoint handling everything. But, I love the experience.
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Software Developer, Ozbul IT
Developer Advocate, GraphCMS
Feb 23, 2022
I've been having the best time using KitQL, the GraphQL client for SvelteKit!

I made an example project you can find over on GitHub, you can also check out the example project here:

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Developer Advocate, GraphCMS
Software Engineer I, Resideo
Feb 19, 2022
Day 2 of #100DaysofCode:

I spent my day fixing up some styling for the side project. I looked at UIKit for React and Tailwind CSS too. Tailwind CSS looks like is really fun and easy to use, but I'm hesitant on getting too involved in CSS when I want to focus on TypeScript and GraphQL
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Full Stack Developer, IBM
Feb 19, 2022
GraphCMS is a GraphQL based content management system as a service via GraphQL. Performance and data binding are imperative to an efficient application.

Quickly querying information, assets, and text, makes for a great application, especially when accessible by users across the globe.

Apollo GraphQL became the obvious solution for implementing providers through Class Components & Functional Components in my 2022 @collectedview application release.

React Hooks was a focus of this implementation, the need to activate stateful component transitions and routing with user actions made this an interesting adventure.

Read more about how I implemented these technologies in "GraphCMS with React: Connecting React Hooks & Apollo GraphQL" on Medium.
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