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Author, csstricks
May 21, 2022

Made a Progressive Web App which allows you to generate as well as scan QR codes!

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Senior architect, fourTheorem
May 14, 2022
Published a new website for Middy.js

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Senior architect, fourTheorem
May 13, 2022
Middy, the Node.js middleware engine for AWS Lambda has finally released V3:

Some of the news for this big release:

  • New WebSocket middlewares
  • HTTP & WebSocket Routers!
  • Better error handling
  • Timeout error handling
  • Errors now use { cause } for better context

A new website is also coming soon! 🤞
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Discord Admin, MrLowlander
May 02, 2022
After many months I have finally finished my first Discord bot.

It's a simple idea, it's a mutal ban bot. However it took so long because I managed to incorporate some neat features that required me to learn new tools like MongoDb, Discord.js, and  JavaScript.

My favourite part is the connection to the databases. There are two reasons why the bot would read or write:

When a user joins:  The bot retrieves the user's Id through the guildMemberAdded event and checks to see if its part of the blacklisted collection. If it is, then a second request is made to the second collection where the guild Id is used as a filter to obtain a channel Id. The bot checks if it has parameters, and a message is sent.

When a user blacklists: The bot takes the target's Id, the reason, (both of which are slash command parameters), the guild Id, and the author/blacklister. This is then written to the database and a messsage is sent to a central announcement channel which all participating servers follow. (This is so people can still get blacklisted even if the bot goes down!)

I was lucky enough to have an amazing profile picture designed for me by an eager mod, and I love how it turned out. (Bonus points for it matching with the DND status!)

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Built a data viz. Created the data visualization "North Korean Provocations and U.S. Elections (1990-2020)" for CSIS Beyond Parallel's "North Korean Provocations Likely Around U.S. Presidential Election"
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Web Development Intern, Center for Strategic and International Studies
Built a data viz. Created the "U.S. Federal Budget Interactive" for Defense 360 at CSIS. This was an original concept built as my final project for my internship. 
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Web Development Intern, Center for Strategic and International Studies