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Discord Admin, MrLowlander
May 02, 2022
After many months I have finally finished my first Discord bot.

It's a simple idea, it's a mutal ban bot. However it took so long because I managed to incorporate some neat features that required me to learn new tools like MongoDb, Discord.js, and  JavaScript.

My favourite part is the connection to the databases. There are two reasons why the bot would read or write:

When a user joins:  The bot retrieves the user's Id through the guildMemberAdded event and checks to see if its part of the blacklisted collection. If it is, then a second request is made to the second collection where the guild Id is used as a filter to obtain a channel Id. The bot checks if it has parameters, and a message is sent.

When a user blacklists: The bot takes the target's Id, the reason, (both of which are slash command parameters), the guild Id, and the author/blacklister. This is then written to the database and a messsage is sent to a central announcement channel which all participating servers follow. (This is so people can still get blacklisted even if the bot goes down!)

I was lucky enough to have an amazing profile picture designed for me by an eager mod, and I love how it turned out. (Bonus points for it matching with the DND status!)

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Analyst Developper, Crédit Mutuel
Apr 11, 2022
I am looking for an Internship as a Back-end Developper in a foreign country (I live in France). I have to do it for 3 months and ideally, between March and June 2023 but I can go for the Summer 2023.

I put my skills in the tags section.

I also have 4 years of experience as an apprentice Software Developer in two companies, Menicon and Crédit Mutuel

Do not hesitate to contact me on my Twitter or LinkedIn account ;)

Thanks and have a nice day!
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I have completed another portfolio item. This time I created an API that allows a user's email address to be verified. The API checks for correct formatting and sends a confirmation email to the address requiring the user to click a link to verify the email address.

Lots of lessons learnt. I even took a dive into writing tests. I am proud of my progress.

#nodejs #expressjs #restapi #api #mongodb #testautomation 

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Frontend Developer, Dasu
Jan 17, 2022
Whilst working on DisWidgets, I ended up designing a banner and developing the site at the same time. I absolutely love it when I start multitasking on design and coding; brings out two sides of me.

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Frontend Developer, Dasu
Started 4 months ago
Re-joined the Infinity Bot List team, as a Developer to help with Version 4, which is being built in React!

Can't wait to see what v4 brings to the bot list communities!
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Head Developer, Infinity Bot List
Frontend Developer, Dasu
Dec 31, 2021
Recently started at DisWidgets, a remake of under new a new name. I am currently working along with ToxicDev, Connor and the rest of the DisWidgets team to create a brand new experience for Discord Users to share their server across the web. Of course, we are making a new website, which I've been working on prior to me joining the DisWidgets team. The new website utilises a NextJS frontend and a serverless backend, with MongoDB as data storage.
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