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Senior Front-end Developer, Proemion
Feb 07, 2022

21 job boards! 🎉

I added reached out to me and asked if I can aggregate their jobs in my boards! They provided me with a specific stream of jobs and I added it immediately. Go check out their ads, there are quite a few interesting ones!  🎉 and
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Senior Front-end Developer, Proemion
Jan 30, 2022
20! 20! 20! We are now aggregating 20 remote job boards! 🎉 🎉🎉

We did it! We are now aggregating 20 different remote job boards!
The last added job board is Go check them out, they have pretty cool Design, Copywriting, Development and Product management jobs.
We are now aggregating more than 1,000 jobs per week, about 500 of which end up on or if they are found suitable.
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Web Developer, EPAM Systems
Jan 22, 2022
Started to learn NestJS framework.
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I'm learning the NestJS framework for a while. I can clearly say that it is by far the most beautiful framework I've ever seen. Scaling my code has never been easier. Moreover, it makes me write better and cleaner code.
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Senior Front-end Developer, Proemion
Dec 30, 2021

Added three more sources to and

I am now sourcing jobs for and from 16 different places! The last three sources I added are, and
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