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Public Discord Bot Website Build

Built to a website to support the public launch of nhl-discord-bot to a Jamstack framework using Eleventy and Netlify.
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Sr. Web Analyst, AnalyticaHouse
Mar 28, 2022
Ready to #web3!

How to send an image from Unsplash to IPFS? πŸ–Ό

In this guide, you'll learn how to send an image file from URL to #IPFS using ipfs-http-client and Nextjs

πŸ”— Demo
πŸ”— GitHub repository
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Rakshaa Viswanathan


Superposition Chennai

Founder, Superposition Chennai
Started about 2 months ago

Coding Chrysanthemums ✨

A one-stop-shop for underrepresented genders in techπŸ’œ


  • Resources: Find resources that help you start out with Coding
  • Opportunities: Find Scholarships, Fellowships, Internships and more
  • Hackathons: Find Diversity themed Hackathons to apply your learning
  • Project Gallery: View some cool projects and submit yours too :D
  • Communities: Check out some amazing Womxn-in-Tech communities to join
  • Get Inspired:Β  A wall of inspirational women in tech to help you pull yourself when you are down
  • Wall of Fame: Highlight the achievements of womxn you know
Built with React Β πŸ’œ

Check out the Github Repo
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Founder, Superposition Chennai
Design Director, dbt Labs
Mar 03, 2022
I've neglected my personal website for years and it was time for a bit of an update. Taking a super iterative approach to designing and building this site. I've historically used Middleman for the site, but I decided to switch things up and learn Eleventy and Tailwind CSS while I built this iteration.
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I created a successful petition against I-Ready, a horrible online learning platform that was prevalent at our school in the 2020-21 school year.

The petition garnered over 150 signatures from 3 different schools with support from students and teachers alike.

The frontend is written in good ol' HTML+CSS+JS with some jQuery thrown in there. It uses Netlify forms and Netlify identity for the backend petition gathering and comments, as well as authentication to protect against spam.
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Content Creator β€’ UX Dev-signer β€’ Entrepreneur, Self-employed
Mar 08, 2019
Stream Sites β€’ β€’ JAMstack for Content Creators

#LetsCreate a website for broadcast-focused content creators to help maximize their audience reach and take back ownership of their content.Β 

Building a one-click deployable site powered by Eleventy. The cool factor is that the site already has all the pieces a creator needs, Netlify CMS baked in for editing, and follows best practices for a11y and performance.
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Content Creator β€’ UX Dev-signer β€’ Entrepreneur, Self-employed