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Senior architect, fourTheorem
May 13, 2022
Middy, the Node.js middleware engine for AWS Lambda has finally released V3:

Some of the news for this big release:

  • New WebSocket middlewares
  • HTTP & WebSocket Routers!
  • Better error handling
  • Timeout error handling
  • Errors now use { cause } for better context

A new website is also coming soon! 🤞
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Senior architect, fourTheorem
Mar 24, 2022
Delivered a Node.js streams workshop at CityJS conference London

Having fun with Node.js streams (workshop)

This was my workshop material, freely available as open source content:
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Full Stack Software Engineer, Nobody
Feb 26, 2022
When I was practicing Node.js, I made a simple JavaScript Discord bot that works with Slash Commands, using Discord.js. It is nothing special, but I think a good template for beginners who start working with Discord.js. The bot fetches information from ManageBots simple Statistic API. 

See the source code here:
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IT System Administrator, Monrovia Nursery
Mar 20, 2020
Canvas LMS Mock API

  • Team of two created an Canvas Learning Management System mock RESTful API

  • Created Node.JS express server to implement the entire RESTful API
  • API handles login and authorization. API also handles GET/PATCH/POST/DELETE of courses, assignments, users
  • Complete with JSON Web Tokens, Node BCrypt, Mongo Database backend, RabbitMQ, Docker Compose
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Web Developer,
Feb 07, 2022
Built a basic contact form for my professional website and hooked it up to the Mailgun API in order to send emails from senders to my work email.

Pro tip: At the time of this writing, the npm package mailgun-js is depracated and the instructions on Mailgun's site are wrong. You can find the official package and up-to-date instructions for Node at the mailgun.js package instead.
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Full Stack Developer, LIT Devs
Nov 12, 2021
Launched a new online gacha game

We built the platform with express as our backend, using passport.js for authorization. 
As our front end we went with ejs rendering and tailwindcss for easy styling.
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Full Stack Developer, LIT Devs