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Senior Frontend Developer, Netguru
Feb 18, 2022


A fun side-project - a Slack bot which tells stories.
Are you familiar with telling stories near the fireplace? You don't need a fireplace now! Want to introduce newcomers to an internal meme, or describe important policy to them in a fun and interesting way? Use Storyteller, tell a story differently.

Storyteller is a Slack bot and a web interface. The dashboard allow you to create your own stories with simple drag'n'drop.

  • Prisma
  • GraphQL
  • Chakra
  • Next.js
  • XState
  • Illustrations by Storyset
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Software Engineer I, Resideo
Feb 17, 2022
Day 1 of #100DaysOfCode:

Using TypeScript with React for a new project and found a neat way of passing props. It's my first time ever using TypeScript for a project and still getting used to everything.

I started a project for fun just to learn TS, GraphQL, Prisma, and Nexus. So far I have:
  • user auth for sign up and log in
  • some styling to forms
  • protected routes
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Frontend Engineer, Magic
Feb 07, 2022
Released Wordle With Friends.

Create your own Wordles and share them with your friends!
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Frontend developer, Meilleurs Agents
Jan 23, 2022
I hope everyone's weekend is going well 😎

I had a lot of fun learning about Prisma taking Ryan Chenkie's new (and free!) course. It is such a blast to work with, especially in VSCode with the Prisma plugin. 

This course is excellent if you're looking to get started with Prisma 👍

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Student, The Bronx High School of Science
Jan 11, 2022
Implemented a tag system for Lumiere!

Took a while, but it works!
Gonna try to implement a search bar soon to put these tags to use!
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Student, The Bronx High School of Science
Jan 06, 2022
Been making a bunch of changes to Lumiere recently.

I implemented a pretty cool profile system, and I have some more features in the works as of right now!

Can't wait to see where I can take this project!

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