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Senior architect, fourTheorem
May 09, 2022
Live streamed another episode of Solving advent of code in Rust (with some amazing Python comparison)
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Database Administrator, The University of Texas at Austin
Mar 04, 2019
Business Intelligence Developer, Smile Doctors
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Full Stack Software Engineer, Nobody
Aug 16, 2021
Here is have an older extension, that allowed people to create their own custom text commands with my Discord bot. I disabled this extension, but I wanted to honor it a last time, so I posted it on GitHub. It was one of the first times where I generally used SQL. The way I used it though, isn't the best way.
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Data Officer, Ministry of Higher Education and Science, Denmark
Feb 26, 2022

Automatic Handling of Documents

I built a machine learning pipeline with my colleagues that takes PDF documents as its input and returns only relevant text from these documents to the end user.

The solution uses machine learning to both convert pictures into text using easyOCR and to learn which texts are of interest using the SVM algorithm. 

We used Python for processing the documents and text, SQL Server for storage and a simple Microsoft Excel interface to create training data by classifying text of interest.
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Data Officer, Ministry of Higher Education and Science, Denmark
IT System Administrator, Monrovia Nursery
Jun 05, 2020
Object Detecting Vessel

  • Senior project team of five tasked to create an object detection algorithm for ocean research vessels

  • Worked in three different phases within the school year: research, design, implement/test
  • Researched many object detection algorithms to settle with OpenCV using Python 3
  • Designed an algorithm to manipulate and transform an input photo given the vessel’s inertial measurements
  • Implemented a working version that was placed on a research vessel with an Intel Nuc and tested in real open waters. The project correctly identified and reported objects in its view.
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