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Tech Lead & Senior Software Engineer, WeRoad
Started 21 days ago
I started building, a new personal, secure, expenses tracking dashboard.
You can register, analyse, see statistics and keep track of your transactions and recurring payments.

It's all manual: you don't need to connect your sensitive payment methods such as bank or credit card. Fully manual and secure.

It's built on top of Nuxt.js v3 and Supabase

Currently "Work in Progress", but you can sign up to be noticed when it launches!
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Frontend Engineer, Magic
Feb 07, 2022
Released Wordle With Friends.

Create your own Wordles and share them with your friends!
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Dec 07, 2021
made a social media with Nuxt.js, Windi CSS and Supabase recently, just for hobby.

it's on spanish. or
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