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Software Developer, SnapShooter
Mar 09, 2022
Yesterday was my last day as a Full-Time Software Engineer at Sell, and today I start working with them as a Freelance engineer.

Making preparations for a new position I will be joining soon ™️.
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Freelance Software Engineer,
Web Developer, Zé Cipriano
Dec 14, 2021
Started a new side project to be used by me and my friends. The code name for the project is Cheers (🎶where everybody knows your name. 😉)

The app will be developed with Laravel and Livewire. I'm also using this project to get familiar with Tailwind CSS.

The main feature will be a questionnaire. Every two weeks, the group members are prompted to answer a small number of questions. Stuff like would you rather or philosophical questions, about personal news, favorite movies/TV shows/music, etc. Then, all the answers are compiled and sent, via email, to all the group members. So that everybody can read each other's answers. Like a collaborative newsletter.

Will also have events and a way to organize a Secret Santa.
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Freelance UX Designer, Martin Wiesemborski
Started 2 months ago
Today, I finally started working on a new version of my portfolio. Right now, it is built with Webflow - which is great. But I want to challenge myself to learn something new.

For the first time ever, I created a GitHub repository, installed it locally, edited it in Visual Studio, and - most frightened - used Terminal to run npm and various other things. And finally deployed a first demo version via Vercel

I wouldn't say I felt comfortable, but I managed to set it up and got it working, which is great. Now it's time to build :)
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Developer Advocate, GraphCMS
Feb 23, 2022
I've been having the best time using KitQL, the GraphQL client for SvelteKit!

I made an example project you can find over on GitHub, you can also check out the example project here:

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Developer Advocate, GraphCMS
Full-Stack Software Engineer and hobby Graphic Designer, Nobody
Started 3 months ago
Hey 👋, Im excited to announce what I am working on right now, its my own personal website. I decided to challenge myself to create a responsive dynamic modern website during the 100DaysOfCode Challenge.
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