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Software Developer, REDspace Inc
May 06, 2022
I launched a simple web app to help visualize the depth for football ⚽  teams.

I wanted to have an easier way to picture the depth of different positions for a football team without manually writing it down. To solve this I created the app with a design borrowed from the game Football Manager 2022 and I made a few adjustments after I used it for a little bit.

Check it out and let me know if you have questions, suggestions, or comments !

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Staff Software Engineer, Govalo
Apr 11, 2022
Govalo is a Shopify app and with that we've mostly stuck with Shopify's awesome Polaris Component Library. We wanted to spice things up a bit though, and inject some more of our brand identity into the UI.

This past week, I built this "Hero Card" component and some sub-components for the different metrics shown. There are also some small animations to help give depth to the UI.

I was back in my stride working on these components. At most of my previous jobs I've been hyper focused on UI, and here at Govalo I'm definitely leaning more into my full-stack skills.
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Launched my open graph image generator for Next.js a few days ago. Check it out!
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Started about 2 months ago
Working on a Discord bot for the past 2 months with slshx + cloudflare worker! I
It has tags, utilities and one game (rock paper scissors)
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Staff Software Engineer, Govalo
Mar 17, 2022
My team is now using Typescript + Storybook, and by their powers combined w/ Tailwindcss, I was able to whip up this new Timeline UI for our app in about an hour.

The top item is being hovered over, and when it is hovered over the time changes from a relative time to the date and time the event occurred.

My favorite thing to do at work has always been building UI components, particularly ones that are flexible and can handle various forms of data, are easy for other developers to use, and bring some personality to the application.
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Updated my website once again, and I'm finally happy with what I've produced. I was going to make it more detailed with multiple pages, but decided I didn't need anything too complicated, nor do I have a lot of stuff to fill in all those pages.
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