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Junior Staff Writer, Clearlink
Feb 01, 2022
Play Cyber Theater

I began learning Unity 2D in October 2021, curious to build on my game dev knowledge after some previous experiments in text-based games. At first, I only wanted to create a very small-scoped game, just an interactive art piece, of just a room where a player could click around to make items animate with no real objectives. But as I did research into what I could do with Unity, I decided to expand the scope of my game and turn my one-week project into a four-month one.

In the end, I created a short demo of a game with dynamic lighting, a web of dialogue, and a working inventory system that I made from scratch. It allowed me to exercise my UX skills as I tried to playtest in the mindset of my audience, tailoring the content to communicate to the players what should be interacted with next in an unobtrusive way. I especially wanted to find a balance between telling the player what they're capable of and letting them figure out interactions for themselves.

I'm proud of where the game ended up, and that I was able to finish it in time for the Finally Finish Something Jam deadline. I'm excited to take what I've learned in this process about how to make (and how not to make) a functioning game and apply it to future projects. Now that I understand how a lot of the systems within Unity work, I'll be able to complete the basics even faster next time and create bigger, more complex projects.
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Jan 04, 2019

Complete Gris game

Released on December 13, 2018, for Nintendo Switch and PC, it is an independent game that speaks with metaphors and depth around feelings of loss, loneliness, sadness and the recovery of moving forward amidst a whirlwind of feelings in ruins that can haunt our minds in difficult times.

With an impeccable soundtrack and watercolors by Conrad Roset, an artist I've admired for a long time, that make the experience of each stage even more deeply. Developed by spanish developer Nomada Studio with Unity engine and published by Devolver Digital.
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I know I'm late to highlight this news but this year I also made my first Unity game in about a week. It was for a game jam and I'm happy to create that small but fun game đŸĨ°đŸŽŽđŸ•šī¸
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Club Leader, Hack Club
Dec 20, 2021
I decided to learn Unity 2D over the weekend and built a simple portal puzzle game concept with my friend @thatrobotdev:
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Founder, Game Developer, RampUp Games
Feb 01, 2021
Really excited to start this Unity Game Dev course that also teaches you how to create your own Game Studio and release your first game from start to finish!

So Far it's going great!
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