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Started 1 day ago
I made a website for my school’s schedule sometime during the pandemic and I’ve been working on it still, keeping it up to date and functional. I used vuejs 3 and bootstrap 5. I’m working on a complete rewrite of the whole thing in Reactjs with on of my friends. I have much to learn about React and I’m hoping this project will help me improve my knowledge about it.
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Front End Developer, Tequilarapido
Feb 08, 2022
Created the new website version of "Alliance Nissan Renault Mitsubishi"

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Front-end Developer, Tillo
Nov 01, 2021
Designed, built, and deployed an eCommerce front-end with VueJS, TypeScript, WindiCSS, Pinia, and more.
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Content Creator, cod3r
Aug 09, 2021
Projeto desenvolvido para meus estudos de alemão com o objetivo de treinar a conjugação de verbos.
Foi desenvolvido em Vue2 e pode ser acessado clicando aqui.
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Frontend Developer, ViveLibre
Aug 06, 2021
I have created a new website with framework implementing components React and VueJS together.

You can review it here:

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"PHP Symfony Web Developer" Training, OpenClassrooms
Started 10 months ago
Personal portfolio

The portfolio would centralize all my content and activities over the internet.

For now, I am thinking about just an "about me" page, but there might be content syndication and a blog.
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