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Aug 15, 2015

Flowchart: an application example

A step-by-step guide to transforming information and personas research into requirements for project development.

I participated in an academic project developed in 2015 and published in 2018, in the book “Visual Project Management: using information to innovate” by professor Júlio Teixeira. We apply the framework provided in class and present this case, which shows the study of the flowchart, which can help define requirements for different types of projects.

Complete book at Amazon: "Visual project management: using information to innovate"

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This project was developed with Univali's Post-Graduate Illustration team, during the course with amazing team: Betina Von Hohendorff Seger, Giselle Carolina Ferreira Zart, Ingryd Calazans Affonso, Mayara Barbato Flor, Giuliano Vieira Benedet.
Under the guidance of the teacher and author: Júlio Monteiro Teixeira
Illustration and infographic: Giuliano Vieira Benedet
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Developer, Disq Software
Sep 08, 2021
I launched a new site where you can customise your own blob character, and export as an SVG or PNG. This was mainly me testing out Vue 3 + Vite (and by extension VueX) but turned out to be a fun little website.
👉 https://blobmaker.stringy.software
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Freelance Developer, helmerskuske
May 10, 2020
Launched studentenfutter.app – an app with recipes contributed by students from all over Germany.

The design (also for the printed version of the recipe book) comes from UI designer Rieke Helmers, the development was done by me. The app is built as an MPA based on Kirby CMS, with the frontend utilizing Alpine.js and Tailwind CSS.
It works offline and takes advantage of modern PWA functionality like the Periodic Sync or the Content Indexing API thanks to a fully custom Service Worker.

The code is open-source: https://github.com/jonaskuske/studentenfutter

The app is also available on the Microsoft Store: https://www.microsoft.com/de-de/p/studentenfutter/9n3wqmqtt6hd
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Development Team Leader, Onix AS
Sep 02, 2021

Go live WLED localized project - Vietnamese supported version.

This is the first software project of mine built under NghienRGB community. WLED is an awesome project and I want to localize it and make it easier for the Vietnamese community. Check it out at:
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Oct 28, 2015


During the implementation of the Bootstrap front-end framework, I was tasked with testing/debugging how the site was appearing on iPhones, iPads, larger screens, smaller screens, etc. Along with the Head of Web Development, we got everything to work smoothly.
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Oct 22, 2015

Mobile Friendly!

Worked with the Head Web Developer to implement the Bootstrap front end framework, ultimately making the Honors College site both responsive and mobile friendly!
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