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Junior Engineer, Neverest LLC
Sep 01, 2021
Volunteered as the lead for Shecode Africa Nairobi Community ✨
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Sr Developer, Bytes Co
Started 2 months ago
Clovercraft Minecraft Friends

Clovercraft is an online community for folks with diverse backgrounds that enjoy playing Minecraft. We host a survival multi-player server with a companion Discord community.

In our first year, we hosted dozens of events, and built a welcoming and supportive community with over 200 members!

Check it out at our website!
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Developer Advocate, Polygon (previously MATIC)
Feb 18, 2022
Hola Amigos,

There is nothing better than to be a part of a community that provides you the platform to explore, create, grow, and ultimately contribute to society. Guess what? I have found one.

I am incredibly thrilled to share that I have been selected as an Associate Android-Dev Head at DEVs Dungeon Community, a Developer's Learning Community that connects developers from every domain (Web-Dev, App-Dev, ML/AI, UI/UX, Game-Dev, etc.) & recruiters worldwide.

I am really grateful for this opportunity and looking forward to working with this amazing core team.

#devsdungeon #community #developers
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Developer Advocate, Polygon (previously MATIC)
Feb 11, 2022
Hey Everyone,

The last day of Jan was good for me, got selected for SAWO Labs Champ Program Cohort-2.

Thank You, Meghna Das and the SAWO team for giving me this opportunity.

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N.A Radio Manager, UpBeatRadio
Started 3 months ago
Working with UpBeat Radio as the Community General Manager! 
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Joined a grass roots movement in the education space as a community manager.
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