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Enterprise Architect, Teledyne Technologies
Oct 23, 2021
I spent my Saturday helping out as an assistant instructor at the Twickenham Auto Club's Performance Driving School

The 3-day school is focused on helping drivers of all skill levels learn better car control, and I had an absolute blast helping a small group of students in a wide variety of vehicles get a feel for their car's limits, how the vehicle responds when you exceed its limits, and how to safely recover when that happens. 
Our day started with a braking drill to demonstrate how quickly an ABS-equipped vehicle will stop, get drivers familiar with what ABS braking pulses feel like, and to show that ABS makes it possible to still steer the car even under maximum braking force. 

The next drill was an emergency lane change exercise to demonstrate how to safely swerve to avoid a collision. The trick here is that a car will respond to a sudden steering input - once. After avoiding the obstacle, the driver must quickly and smoothly counter that steering to resume a straight-line course, and then bring the vehicle to a controlled stop (as necessary). 

We followed that with an autocross-style slalom, where students got familiar with coaxing their vehicles to rapidly change direction side-to-side without upsetting the car's balance. Whereas the previous exercises were all about sudden and decisive control inputs, the slalom is all about being smooth.

A wet skid pad was then used to induce sudden oversteer and get drivers (even of front-wheel drive cars) comfortable with counter-steering to control and recover the slide. You've got to act quickly when you lose traction so this is all about making it an instinctive reaction.

And the final exercise brought everything together with alternating increase-radius and decreasing-radius corners, where the students had to smoothly transition between heavy braking, aggressive steering, and straight-line acceleration. 

The students really got to know their cars better through these drills, and it was very rewarding to see their confidence (and control!) grow throughout the day's sessions. There's no doubt in my mind that the course made them all better and safer drivers, and learning how to respond when things don't go according to plan may just save a life one day. I've learned so much from my fellow drivers in the 7 years I've been autocrossing, and it was great to be able to pass that knowledge and experience along to others. 

Getting into a car to coach a student as they navigated a drill, then hopping out and jogging to get into the next car for about six hours on end was exhausting work. But this was the most fun I've had in cars in a long while - and I didn't even do any of the driving! I can't wait to instruct at this school again next year, and I hope to see many of the students at autocross events before then.
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Software Engineer, Tines
Mar 31, 2020
Re-elected as treasurer at UCD Netsoc 🤯

All committee members, past and present
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Software Engineer, Tines
Aug 01, 2021
After two years at UCD Netsoc, I handed the position to an incoming second-year student. That said, I'll be perpetually around to deal with any unexpected shenanigans and as a boomer alumni. 

While there, I managed over 12k in assets, applied for grants from UCD, and liaised between our sponsors and bank for problems that came with the pandemic. Other than financials, I also helped organized two well-received CV/Interview workshops with external companies, an Introduction to React workshop with fellow classmates, and generally helped the committee wherever I could. 

I'm glad I took Oisín's (auditor at the time) advice and applied to be treasurer back in 2019. University life wouldn't be the same without the banter. I attribute my fourth-year sanity to Netsoc's ever-growing Discord server. 😌
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Treasurer, UCD Netsoc
Software Engineer, HubSpot
Apr 18, 2018
In April 2018, I was elected as Auditor of UCD Netsoc (a college society). The club had been a bit inactive for a few years so it was challenging to build the organization, generate interest for events and build the internal structure to make sure the society would thrive after I left (or at least could be revived easily in the future if necessary). Altogether we organised over 50 events for nearly 400 members and greatly increased engagement with UCD’s Computer Science population.

It was incredibly stressful and time-consuming, but it was also really great craic and I met a lot of very cool people. Running for this position was honestly one of the best decisions I've ever made.
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Software Engineer, Microsoft
Feb 01, 2018
Instinct is IGDTUW’s first-ever peer educator’s society which gathers about 100 students per session/activity and helps them focus on the holistic development of an individual.
We initiated the “Women hacks” wing in Instinct, to inspire women in technology and organize various personality development programs and help impart professional skills through peer education to help female students emerge as strong, self-reliant, and independent individuals.
We also lead tech sessions and workshops to encourage women to contribute to the open-source community and participate in events outside their academic domain.
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