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Product Designer, Freelance
Started 20 days ago

Reach x Algorand Hackathon

Excited to be mentoring developers for the Reach Bounty Hack, supported by Algorand Foundation.

It has been exciting 3 weeks of brainstorming on decentralized solutions and projects while ensuring participants prioritize users
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Community Manager, thirdweb
Apr 07, 2022
Created by my own Web3 store with POS on Solana blockchain with support to Solana Pay. Plus deployed a Solana token on devnet for my coupon.

Token for the Coupon

This is only a part of my study, not a real Web3 store.

#100DaysOfWeb3 #Day114
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Community Manager, thirdweb
Community Manager, thirdweb
Mar 05, 2022
Deployed a Polygon Mumbai smart contract for a Web3 forum app. 🔥

Smart Contract: https://mumbai.polygonscan.com/address/0xc51c3aC066f495fF8C9FB068D520e422B0d218b4

#100DaysOfWeb3 #Day80

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Community Manager, thirdweb