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Frontend Developer, Freelance and contract-to-hire
Feb 01, 2022
Sharing some abstract generative art I have been working on. So far I got the 3D primitives working. Moving on to color manipulation in the background and possibly more. Work in progress. 

Link to work here:
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Senior Engineer, Allstar Gaming
Jul 01, 2021
Wanted to play around with Ethereum and Web3 so created an online art gallery for your ethereum collection, Search is via an address and returns the NFT collection of the address.
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UX / UI Consultant, WeSend
Sep 08, 2021
Currently working on an interactive extensive form, migrating 3 forms from typeform to a custom experience.
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Today, I started the 3rd of 4 projects for my Full Stack Development course! 
Attempting to make a website where users can find and rate companies that offer outdoor activities such as white water rafting or guided hikes etc. Think Yelp but specifically for outdoor companies. 

Fingers crossed I can get this working before the submission deadline. 
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Senior Front End Engineer, Facilio
Jul 22, 2021
Currently building my own portfolio and planned to write both tech and non-technical blogs. I also started an open-source model library.
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