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Web Developer, School iBox
May 06, 2022
Graduated of Wizeline's Academy React Bootcamp. 🥳 
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Software Developer , Shopify
Started 20 days ago
Created a blur-able image component in react to improve user experience when loading web pages. The idea is while the image loads we show a blurred base64 small version of the original image.

It works like a charm! No more choppy image loads. Heavily inspired by Kent C Dodds 🔑
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Web Developer, School iBox
May 03, 2022
A month ago, I joined to Wizeline Academy React BootCamp.

I felt ver nervous but I really like what I done with the final project. It was an e-commerce made with React, consuming a products API that they give to us.

I use Functional Components with Hooks, pure CSS, and, one of the requirements was use libraries at minimun, so I hadn't use libraries (just a few for do the carousel and put icons). That's the reason why is not responsive.

In the next weeks I'm going to refactor and add the responsive part to complete the challenge at 100%.

Also I'm going to do testing to the components.

But I'm in love with what I done. 🥰

Here is the link to the repo and the link of the page that is hosted in netlify:


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Software Developer, Microsoft
Mar 19, 2021
I participated in a Hackathon, HackNITR 2.0, along with three more team members (Sujal Modanwal, Arshiya Pandey, Kamal Pathak).

We worked on creating a interface between the help seekers and job seekers, in the span of 48 hours.

Coco Bytes

A platform fulfilling the short time requirement of helping hand in personal and professional both fields. It also helps us to decrease unemployment over the country.

After hustling for 48 hours, we finished the project and submitted it.

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Desenvolvedor front-end, Trybe
Jan 21, 2022

Lancei o, um projeto gratuito e open source que teve mais de 10 mil acessos no primeiro mês de vida.
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Desenvolvedor front-end, Trybe
Sep 10, 2021
Ajudei a criar, do zero, o novo design system para o Asaas. O projeto foi feito usando Javascript Vanilla e Bootstrap 5.

  • Criei a estrutura para o design system no Asaas e implementei as telas iniciais do novo layout;
  • O novo código que criei para o Asaas ajudou a melhorar a acessibilidade do sistema e também a experiência do usuário ao usar;
  • Criei uma documentação para o Design System do Asaas, completa e que ajuda os desenvolvedores a criarem novas telas de uma forma muito simples e com boa developer experience.
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Desenvolvedor front-end, Asaas