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Senior Software Engineer, Deputy
Feb 01, 2021
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Software Engineer, Deputy
Applications Developer, UC Berkeley
Feb 02, 2012
Kabam ​is an interactive entertainment company that creates free t​o p​lay games for social networks, designed to appeal to the growing number of serious gamers and game enthusiasts who are also engaged in social networks. 

My responsibilities included:

Gathering requirements, creating product specifications, deploying new features/fixes to staging environment for QA, deploying updates to production. 

My accomplishments included:

  • Solo project providing a standardized approach to delivering promotional messages and prizes to players across multiple web­ based game systems. Involved development of a web­ based application used to schedule promotional campaigns, and a standard API for requesting game specific parameters used to specify game specific player search criteria for message or gift item delivery.
  • Implemented using Ruby on Rails 3, supported by Rspec and Cucumber testing. Dynamic user targeting interface using jQuery/Coffeescript. API interface for game systems developed using Rails 2 and Rails 3 engines packaged as gems. 

  • Contributed bug fixes and features to Dragons of Atlantis game system. Included refactoring of existing tool used to reward players for in-­game contest participation, and tracking of troop statistic modifications applied during battles (for purpose of display in Battle Report). Provided high level overviews and guides for several sub­systems. Updated developer workstation setup guide, documented deployment procedures, and contributed many overviews of several sub­systems.
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Software Engineer, Kabam