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Software Engineer, BBC
Started 6 days ago


Discover all the reveals and announcements from gaming's biggest conferences and showcases.

An ongoing library for gaming showcases, built with NextJS, ReactJS and Sanity CMS.
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Web Developer, Self-employed
May 09, 2022
I've created a project with ContentLayer and Nextjs,  I want to share it with you.


Open for contribute.

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Finally migrated my portfolio from a CRA to use Nextjs:

  •  Entire site built with Chakra UI
  •  Optimized images using Nextjs Image
  •  Used Lighthouse to improve the performance + accessibility
  •  Added in light and dark modes
Redesigned site here:
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Apr 05, 2022

Completed LearnWeb3 Tracks

I've spent the last few weeks completing the Freshman and Sophmore tracks on, and proudly graduated the Sophmore track today!

The Freshman track revised some beginner topics such as blockchain fundamentals, Solidity, and dApps - providing some more detail on a few topics that I hadn't previously read too deeply into. The final project in here involved the creation of an NFT collection.

The Sophmore track moved into more advanced topics such as the EVM, Advanced Solidity, and the theory behind DeFi exchanges. The final project involved creating a decentralised automated market maker - and I'm really proud to have completed this one.

Check out the projects over on my GitHub profile 💻
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Senior Software Engineer, CSDISCO
Apr 02, 2022
Learnt Next.js and React Typescript within three month to develop micro front end. 
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Web Developer, Self-employed
Feb 20, 2022
After 3 days coding on blog theme with next js, Now I think my strategy has not enough good performance 😭, I think it's slow 🐢, I want to write it again. 🌚

Day 3&4 / #100DaysOfCode 
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