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Early Stage Investor, Angel Investor
Dec 26, 2021
May 2021, I moved from Sarasota back to Tampa. 😊

No need to be in an office anymore so no need to be in Sarasota anymore!!!

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Advertising Process Lead, Foxtel Media
Mar 16, 2020
The beginning of a new type of working for my company - Work from Home.

With the sudden onset of the COVID-19 pandemic & with employees in house lockdowns, employers across the world have had to quickly adapt to the situation by temporarily closing their office premises and allowing employees to work from home. What was once thought impossible, is now a concrete reality.

It was a new experience to me but I was surprised as to how quickly my body & mind adapted to the new arrangement. I find I am able to complete tasks faster (fewer distractions), able to spend quality time with family, attend to any critical home management, have healthy freshly cooked meals & save $$$ on public transport!

My team also took on the new mode of work well. Although there were some apprehensions around getting bored and missing the social aspect of working together in an office space, they understood the reality of the situation. I would say 90% of our team's work can be done via emails, chat and phone calls. Hence, our department hasn't been hit badly. 

I believe the blended model of working (office + home) is the way forward for the world. In addition to the employee benefits mentioned above, WFH saves the employer money (rent, electricity, internet etc) and is also environmentally friendly (fewer vehicles on the road). I reckon major backend operations of a company (customer service, design etc) can be done from home while the frontend operations (sales) can be from offices.

Anyways, long road ahead. Let's see how everything pans out.
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Digital Ad Operations Manager, Foxtel Media
Development Team Leader, Onix AS
May 28, 2021
Started working from home.
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Lecturer, Universidad de Palermo
Oct 09, 2020
Have you tried working while standing, and outside?
I bring all my stuff to the balcony every so often.
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Lecturer, Universidad de Palermo
Jan 20, 2021
Debugging is a constant activity while working with data, specially while working from home
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