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May 18, 2022

Starting from basis. Commands, Variables, Datatypes, Numbers, Casting, Strings, Boolean and Operations.

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Data Engineer, Cognizant
Apr 09, 2022
Let's harness the power of voice!!!
It's a VS Code extension, available in the marketplace.
Search for Voice Collab Deepgram.

Link the link to read the blog post -
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Administrator, UpBeatRadio
Mar 30, 2022
Finally handed in my CS A-Level project - a remake of the Binding of Isaac game. Managed to get some basic procedural generation going, as well as a moving character and enemy, among a few other things.

C# is lovely.
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Founder, Boiler
Started about 2 months ago
I created a multi agent simulation of an innovation ecosystem partly for fun, but also to see if it could form the basis to perform some simulations about how innovation ecosystems work and thrive. It uses a genetic algorithm to evolve good starting parameters within an exploration vs exploitation balanced idea generating network.
If anyone is interested, hit me up and we could see how we can collaborate on it.
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Support Engineer, Travel Syndication Technology
Mar 14, 2022
Day 26 of #100DaysOfCode and I'm still studying Swift as part of the iOS Developer career path. I'm working on the Code History quiz app.
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Support Engineer, Travel Syndication Technology
Mar 05, 2022
Day 16 of #100DaysOfCode. I continue thru the Codecademy iOS Developer career path. Today was the SwiftBank project.
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