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Software Eveloper, Calyptia
Started 9 days ago
To deal with legals and register as a company, OneToMany has now been rebranded to AuthNet and is out of Alpha

Check it out here:
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Technical Architect, Ubisoft
Apr 30, 2022
Hold on, first post :) Working on a SaaS boilerplate in my spare time :)

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My recent NFT artworks from a collection I am working on 'The Visions of Singularity'.  It's an exciting time to work on such projects.  Do check them out.

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VP of Sales, EyeRate
Apr 25, 2022
During Covid I started coaching founders on how to manage remote teams 
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Flutter Developer , TATOS
Mar 18, 2022
Started Brainstorming, Designing, Structuring developing on a new side project that is completely focused for me hehe....selfish much?
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Developer Advocate, Rollbar
Mar 27, 2022
I started a side project with Typescript called tshtmlwriter.  

It is a Typescript library to build HTML snippets and documents in code.
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